Durch Wald und Flur

by Hanna Baumgarten and Yannick Stark

Together with Hanna Baumgarten we wanted to create a work that reflects our time spent in lockdown during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In an endless Loop we walk down the hallway of our flat. We only get glimpses of the outside world when looking through the holes of the increasingly fragile Walls that are trying to contain us. But everytime we think we've managed to escape our voluntary prison we only turn around so see we've ended up exactly where we've started.

The 3D model of our hallway was created with the help of photgrammetry. By intentionally giving the algorythm less information they needed to create a perfect model, we achieved this destroyed and glitched look. The plants are photos taken of the plants we have inside our flat, that then were moved during scanning, again creating a glitch effect.