My Ocean Challenge - Team Malizia
In 2021 the Animation class Kassel was approached by "Team Malizia" looking for an animated Intro as well as an Outro and short animated clips for their educative program "My Ocean Challenge". A competition was announced in which two teams won. One was Eleonora Dieterichs and Lena Risse and the other consisted of Henrike B├╝sser, Oleksandra Krasavtseva and myself. We were asked to create the clips together and after assigning the different roles we went to work. I was selected as director of the clips but also did most of the animation and compositing. Lena was responsible for the 3D boat and animatics. Oleksandra was also responsible for the animatics and helped with animating. Elly was the Producer and was also responsible for compositing and helped to animate. Henrike created all the designs and beautiful backgrounds. These clips were created in about 4 Months.

My Ocean Challenge | Intro

My Ocean Challenge | Underwater Walk

My Ocean Challenge | Underwater School

My Ocean Challenge | Ocean Stream

My Ocean Challenge | Outro
Although the client first wanted to use the character design of the other Team, we all liked our design more and were able to convince them to use it. Henrike the refined the characterdesigns and also created the beautiful backgrounds