We stand by your side

by Tairan Li and Yannick Stark

Together with Tairan Li I took part in a competition by All In Kassel. The assignement was to create a short and non-verbal Animation directed at people coming to Germany. With the following film we won in the category "Everyday Racism".
We decided to highlight the different cultural backgrounds of the charatcers by mixing 2D and 3D characters, rather then differentiate them through colors, and thereby not exlude or asperse any group. Character and background design by Tairan Li. Set Design as well as 3D modeling, texturing, shading and lighting by me. Although the designs were created in continous dialogue and under mutual feedback
Tairan was responsible for the 2D animation while I animated the 3D character and would combine everything in Cinema 4D. Tairans animations were imported as an animated Texture with an alpha channel and projected onto a plane.